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Enhanced Ownership & Control:

  • Secure copyright management: Track ownership and royalties transparently on an immutable blockchain ledger.

  • Creative freedom: Publish your work independently, bypassing traditional gatekeepers and retaining artistic control.

  • Direct fan connection: Engage directly with your readers through tokenized communities and rewards programs.


Immersion: Step into the pages! Walk alongside characters, explore fictional worlds in 3D, and feel the atmosphere come alive

Interactive storytelling: Choose your story's path, solve puzzles within the narrative, and interact with objects that influence the plot.

Sensory engagement: Hear whispers in the wind or feel the tremor of an approaching earthquake, adding depth and emotion to the reading experience.

Accessibility: Tailored VR environments can magnify text, read aloud in different languages, or incorporate audio descriptions for visually impaired readers.

Global collaboration: Read together with friends from anywhere in the world, share virtual book clubs, and discuss literature in immersive surroundings.

Combating reading fatigue: Short, interactive VR narratives can rekindle reading interest in children and adults, making it more engaging and fun.

"VR opens doors to entirely new storytelling possibilities, blurring the lines between reading,  gaming, and film"


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• CEO, Creative @ JAB Graphics LLC Est 2019

• Creative @ JAB Metaverse Design Est 2020

• Over 10 years experience in design & marketing

• Passionate about Web3, Crypto and digital experiences

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JAB (James Allan Ball)

Make sure your book is ahead of the technology curve

New creative possibilities:

  • NFTs for unique content: Sell limited-edition versions of work or offer special ownership perks.

  • Interactive storytelling: Integrate blockchain elements into narratives for dynamic experiences.

  • Community building: Foster closer connections with readers through tokenized fan clubs or exclusive content drops.

Blockchain Benefits for Authors

• Learn how we are using blockchain to connect audiences and authors

• Understand how tokenization will open a new door of opportunity for writers 

• Get to know the technology that will introduce an enhanced way of reading 

Have you published a book?

Enhanced income & revenue:

  • Micropayments: Earn tiny payments for each read or engagement, potentially boosting overall income.

  • Subscriptions & crowdfunding: Offer exclusive content or early access to new work through blockchain-based models.

  • Secondary sales: Allow resale of digital copies while still receiving royalties on each transaction.

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