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Our community consist of book lovers + movie goers + mystery & fantasy seekers + NFT Collectors + web3 & blockchain enthusiast + Creators

Do you enjoy imagination?

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What is the world like?

it’s kinda like mixing ...

Detective Spade

Fabel is a fairy tale world that mirrors our world in its laughter and sorrow,  its hopes and fears. Just like us, its creatures yearn for love, chase dreams, and stumble over their shadows. Some are in pursuit of power, some just misunderstood, all living in a real-life fairy tale.


What is 

Novel +

Community +

NFT + Digital Art

+ Media

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Ugly Duckling

Fabel is first introduced to the world as a published novel. 2024 is the start of building multiple layers of digital experiences including AR and VR, NFT collectibles, metaverse location, and cinematic series.



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In 2024 it is our goal to introduce/onboard 10k+ booklovers to the digital environment of blockchain and NFTs. We believe books and digital experiences will combine to make for a new era of engagement and entertainment.

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As we embark on a new digital age, we are working towards pioneering a cutting-edge form of enhanced reading. Imagine a more immersive reading experience that engages you, the reader, in a physical way - through the stimulation of an array of your senses. 

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As we move forward with this incredible project, our endgame is to have the iconic characters from the novel brought to life on the screen. Whether it be via cinema, streaming, or even as a network series.



Black Sheep

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Sir Humpty

The first NFT collection to itemize persons, places, and things from a novel and place on the blockchain. ​Each holder has the opportunity to own a share of the Wondrous World of Fabel.



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We yearn for escape, for a world beyond the mundane. We crave adventure, for journeys that test our courage and ignite our curiosity.


Deep down, we long to get lost ... not in the chaos of daily life, but in the wonder of a good story.


For in those fantastical worlds, we rediscover the heroes we are meant to be, and the power of stories to shape our own reality. 

"it's not gambling when you know you're gonna win"


Limited Supply | Gold Card

While Supplies last

JAB (James Allan Ball)

• CEO, Creative @ JAB Graphics LLC Est 2013

• Creative @ JAB Metaverse Design Est 2020

• Over 10 years experience in design & marketing

• Creator of  NFT  Fabel Collection

• Passionate about Web3, Crypto

   and digital experiences

Digital Creator

Alexander A. Anderson

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