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Our community is a home for lovers of fairy tales and fables who spend their days seeking out fantastical tales in mythical worlds - the fans of science fiction who set the trends for what is popular by reading the book long before it becomes a major motion picture and everyone else jumps on the bandwagon.

We are in the midst of a cultural revolution, a digital renaissance in which art is being transformed into something everyone can appreciate, own, and share.

Our goal is to be ushers along the gateway that bridges the space between creators, collectors, book lovers, and avid moviegoers.

The Collection

This collection is the first of its kind, pioneering the possibility for fans and art lovers to own a piece of original content before it goes mainstream and finds its way to a streaming service or cinema.

That is our goal - to give the O.G. fans exclusive access to soon-to-be highly sought-after content that will grow exponentially in value as the original manuscript gains a large following and expands in popularity.

First of it's kind

• Digital artwork or animation

• Exclusive content

• Signed copy of the book (limited)

• Custom Digital bookmark

• NFT Opens custom characters and side stories

• Access to exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes

• The opportunity to meet the designer/author @ event

• Mint for current value amount

• Royalties, access to events, raffles, free content in the future.

Holder benefits

Espresso, almond milk & chocolate syrup topped with marshmallows and dusted with cinnamon powder.

Cinderella Mocha

Mocha Espresso
Mocha Espresso

FREE Delicious NFT 

Enjoy a FREE NFT on us!

• Visit our page

• Share the Cinderella Mocha posted on our page.

• Tag a Friend(s) so they can enjoy a tasty NFT Treat

• Share your Wallet Address 


NFT will be used to access raffles, giveaways & More​

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• Moviegoers

• Fantasy Enthusiast

• Mystory Enthusiast

• Digital Collectors

• Art Enthusiast

• Technology Enthusiast

This NFT collection

was created by geeks

for geeks

• Future thinkers

• Blockchain Enthusiast

• Sci-Fi Lovers

• Innovators

• Visionaries

• Early Adoptoers 

plural noun: geeks

  1. 1.

    a person who is knowledgeable about and obsessively interested in a particular subject, especially one that is technical or of specialist or niche interest.


The first NFT collection

to itemize persons, places, and things

from a novel and place on blockchain.

Each holder has the opportunity to own

a share of the Wondrous World of Fabel.


Achievable Goals

As we embark on a new digital age, we are working towards pioneering a cutting-edge form of enhanced reading. Imagine a more immersive reading experience that engages you, the reader, in a physical way - through stimulation of an array of your senses. The future is upon us, and it is bright!

As we move forward with this incredible project, our endgame is to have the iconic characters from the novel brought to life on the screen. Whether it be via cinema, streaming, or even as a network series. It is our determination that NFT holders will see their NFT gain value in a major way. Let our journey begin!

Reading Reimagined

Cinema, series 



Blotched Background

We are not trying to convince the majority, we are opening the door to a community of tech & book enthusiasts, innovators, and visionaries who can see the direction of a

new era.

We are developing the first-ever novel based NFT Collection where holders gain exposure before the early majority.

Comparable to an IPO, we are giving visionaries the ability to be a part of a roadmap that leads to increased value.

Book icon


NFT icon
Community icon





Digital Art

Most NFT collections are just short-term tradable jpegs. Our collection involves multiple avenues of utility and adoption. Like Bitcoin and Ethereum we are creating long-term value. 

Full Roadmap coming soon


in the world of Fabel



Our NFTs will have their own exclusive space in a location soon to be determined. 

The wonderful world of Fabel is under construction as we speak, and will stand for days to come as a beacon of inspiration, hope, and fun within the metaverse. Stay tuned for updates; and of course, holders are welcome to share thoughts and ideas. We look forward to hearing from you!

Metaverse Land

Read and Visit

• Cowatch

• Spectral Dawn

• Low Sneeran

• Newgrange

• Sky City

• Imperial City

• Southern Coast

• Snooker River

• Black Forest

• Christmas Pie

   Bakery and Café

Want a free digital copy?


Forgot to mention ...

We have an NFT copper dragon

Dragon Art 2024

Breaking News

in the Land of Fabel

Latest News Inside

The Wondrous World

of Fabel

Different stories are published

each week. Stay up-to-date with all the breaking news.

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Updates Blockchain Minting




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The True Value of a Book

We are committed to revolutionizing how books are consumed, valued and interacted with. This project is positioned to be the gold standard of how a novel can be tokenized and shared with the community. Our dream: each individual having the ability to share personal ownership.

Hello, Book Lover.

Allow us to introduce you

to our friend, NFT Collector.

Mission 2024:

Introduce 10K Book Lovers to 10K NFT Collectors


Book Lover:

  • Smells faintly of old paper and libraries.

  • Can discuss literature for hours on end, with passionate opinions.

  • Gets lost in worlds between the pages, often forgetting the real one.

  • Snuggles up with a good book and a hot beverage – pure bliss.

  • Has specific reading nooks, with perfect lighting and comfy chairs.

  • Bookmarks are cherished and carefully chosen for each book.

  • Notes down favorite quotes, underlining passages that resonate.

NFT Collector:

  • Obsessed with cutting-edge digital art and its potential.

  • Scours online marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible for hidden gems.

  • Knows blockchain jargon like gas fees, minting, and floor price.

  • Believes NFTs are more than just pictures, but investments and cultural touchstones.

  • Curates a diverse collection showcasing unique artists and styles.

  • Connects with fellow collectors online and at in-person events.

If you are not sure about this new technology, here are a couple of

videos that may help.

Wait, So what is an NFT?

Black Background

Have you published a book?

• Learn how we are using blockchain to connect audiences and authors

• Understand how tokenization will open a new door of opportunity for writers 

• Get to know the technology that will introduce an enhanced way of reading 

JAB (James Allan Ball)

• CEO, Creative @ JAB Graphics LLC Est 2013

• Creative @ JAB Metaverse Design Est 2020

• Over 10 years experience in design & marketing

• Creator of  NFT  Fabel Collection

• Passionate about Web3, Crypto

   and digital experiences

Alexander A. Anderson

• Author of Chronicles of Detective Spade

• Founder of  Alx Rox nonprofit organization

• Master of Science in Nursing 

• Charlotte area art enthusiast

Digital Creator


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Let's Connect

Copyright © JAB Metaverse 2024

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If you have questions or comments feel free to reach out any time. We look forward to connecting with you.

At this time we are considering partnerships

& collaborations.

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